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It's Not Attractive and it Changes Nothing

by Quiet Company

CELEBRITY TEETH POACHER It's the only thing that matters anymore: find a mark and sell yourself into the score. You've got to make a blue sky from a black night. If your tongue is silver, gold is what it's worth. If your tacks are brass, you're salt of all the earth and you're gonna be alright, you're gonna be just fine. But I feel it creeping up my spine... If you're lonely, it's no wonder what to do, because everyone you meet, they're just as lonely too. You've got to stick a hand out. Try and let them see you smile now. But I feel it creeping up my spine... I played guitar in Nashville, trying to find myself but I'm probably gonna have to let it go. I came back to Texas, said "I'm gonna plant my roots, there's really nowhere else I'd ever need to go." I've been bathed in holy water, I've been purified, I have seen the other side and made it back. I have held the hands of angels and the devil alike, and I never needed more than what I had. But I feel it creeping up my spine...
GET BESIDE ME, SATAN! We're kicking and we're screaming all the way to the grave. We were promised something better but when it couldn't be named we scorched a bit of earth, and did it all for the fame, and a comfortable position when eternity came. Don't you kids all wanna wear the mark of the beast?! Don't you wanna know what it's been doing to me?! Don't it ever scare you when they all seem to think that you mean every word that you say? Should I trade all of my blue skies for bitter truths? Or my good name for just a slightly better view? I'll do whatever you want me to do. Emptying my pockets at the end of the day, I found a piece of every pound of flesh I managed to save. Baby, baby, baby, oh, you've been so very naughty. You went cheating on your Jesus with that slutty little Logic! And now you're gonna get to be the voice of the few! The unbelieving masses will be looking to you! Don't you ever worry. You've got grit and resolve and the patience of an angel evolved. I love you now, and I loved you then, will I ever love myself again? Pretty soon, they'll all forget that I was ever here. And so will I, with any luck...
ON SINGLE MOMS Let me catch my breath because you knocked it out. Let me tell you everything I love about the way you felt like home. I know you had a shitty year and so did I, but maybe I can make it better if you'd let me try. I'll be so good to you. And you'll be free to lean on me, because I am twice as strong as I need to be. And I'll be true, I'll be good to you, but only if you really want me to.


released March 31, 2017


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